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Flexible post-graduate program Sales Controller

The post-graduate course in Sales Controller focuses on the profile of the General Controller, with a specialization in Marketing and Sales processes. This training examines the controller’s responsibilities as a supplier of steering information and a monitor of the outcomes.

About the post-graduate course Sales Controller

The controller has an active role in supporting the management and is therefore in a key position. It is important to recognize the most basic processes that provide insight into the correct management information for management.

The controller thereby helps with budgets and budgeting, providing timely and good information for management and monitoring the results. The post-hbo course Sales Controller examines these processes and thus provides an integral management view.


• Self-management, Leadership & Coaching and Written Communication module
• Management Accounting module
• Sales & Account Management module
• Strategy and Strategic Marketing module
• Project Management module

  • Accredited programs
  • Personal attention and customization
  • Dutch language academic education
  • Practical approach
  • Large network of alumni
  • International cooperation
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