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Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)

The Doctor of Business Administration program is best described as a research based management program aimed at enhancing managerial capacity to make a significant, original contribution to business practice. Currently this program is only available in China.

Duration 1,5-2,0 year Language English Level EDBA
Branch Business Management Occupation CFO, CEO
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The program is highly flexible: DBA participants can tailor their studies around their career needs and lifestyle. The DBS program provides a practical academically rigorous learning experience for a diverse population of traditional and non-traditional participants. The objectives of the program are the three-fold:

  • To prepare participants for a career in management or consulting at a senior executive level.
  • To prepare participants with the knowledge and skills necessary in order to conduct meaningful and original empirical research.
  • To develop with each participant the fundamental experts and skills require in order to become a college or school faculty member in a area of Business Administration.

Program Structure

Each DBA program course is divided into two groups. With rare exceptions, DBA participants are required to follow the course sequence as shown below:

1. The framework provides DBA participants with a solid doctoral foundation
2. The domain allows a DBA participant the opportunity to develop further a specific area of interest
3. The DBA finishes with a dissertation


(six subjects from the following list)

1. Advanced Managerial Economics
2. Strategy and Entrepreneurship
3. Money, Credit, Capital markets
4. Managing Self
5. Management of Government
6. Advanced Management Information
7. Strategic issues in Marketing
8. Global management
9. Applied IT and E-Business
10. Professional consulting
11. Issues in Business and Politics
12. Gross Cultural Management
13. Strategies of Technology
14. Quantitative Methods, Decision making


Research Foundations and Research Methodology
Doctoral workshop Research focus




1. Comprehensive Exam for Doctoral DBA participants
The comprehensive examination is designed to allow the participant to demonstrate wide ranging knowledge of the fundamental principles of and basic literature in, the specific academic fields. Successful completion of the examination leads to doctoral candidacy status. Previous comprehensive examinations will be available for review and study.

2. Doctoral Research Project
DBA participants must successfully complete a doctoral research project in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the doctoral degree. The main objective of the research project is to prepare participants utilize empirically based, sophisticated and relevant methodologies so that they may address contemporary business problems.

The duration of the DBA course is 24 months and participants must successfully complete all courses.

Participants for the DBA degree must complete a minimum of 52 credits. It is required that all participants attend the earliest scheduled seminar in the advanced study of business administration. Every DBA candidate must prepare and present a dissertation. The requirement for a DBA dissertation is 45,000 words.

DBA dissertations may be undertaken within any of the functional areas of an organization, e.g., information systems, marketing, accounting and organization behavior, but is not restricted to those areas e.g. there are emerging areas for research, which offer exciting possibilities, including small business management and family businesses.

Admission Requirements

The doctoral participants possessing a solid undergraduate and graduate educational preparation, reasonable managerial or professional experience, strong intellect and the capacity for independent investigation. An understanding of the contemporary economic political and social context in which business organizations operate is important.

While most applicants have a master degree in business or a public management-related field, applicants with strong academic preparation in other fields are equally welcome to apply. Doctoral participants must be fluent in English and are expected to write on a level meeting contemporary standards of professional publication.

The selection of applicants for admission to the doctoral program is made by a faculty Committee and is based on applicant’s generally are admitted to the doctoral program twice a year. A complete application must be in advance of the anticipated matriculation date.

The following admission requirements apply to the following academic courses:

DBA part time Master degree 1,5-2,0 year

Intake assessment

An intake assessment provides an insight into mutual expectations, both for the participants and for Graduate Business School. During this assessment we look at whether you are entitled to certain topic dispensations based on prior education or competencies gained elsewhere.

We look at what motives you have to start this education in the first place. This “selection at the gate” enables us to continue to guarantee the high quality of education it provides for all participants and their environment.

Tuition fee

In the table you find the tuition fee for the part-time DBA course.

DBA part-time 18-24 months Depending on the country

For more information or the actual application form, please contact Dean Dr. David Dai: