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Netherlands Business Academy is partner in the Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership project DISCOM, which aims to elaborate different study and teaching materials to develop interdisciplinary and soft skills of students.

Soft skills

Communication, teamwork, cooperation conflict management – the so called soft skills – are important for professionals in any field. Experience shows that students often lack those interdisciplinary skills. Only rarely specific courses are offered to them, tackling those topics and skills and there often is a lack of training materials which academics can use in the study process.

This Erasmus+ project, coordinated by Turiba University (Latvia), will focus on the ability of students to cooperate for team work, set professional and academic goals by means of modern coaching, time management skills and efficient planning, multicultural communication and conflict diagnostics and conflict management. Crucial skills to study efficiently in universities of the modern world. These skills are not only required during academic studies, but also to be prepared for professional life challenges after graduation. Therefore a goal is set to create inter-faculty study materials for the students from Law, Business, Communication and other Social science faculties in order to increase these skills and make study materials accessible for University of Applied Sciences teachers.

The main aim of the project is to develop and implement innovative practices – elaboration of interdisciplinary study materials and tools (including mobile application) for students and teachers of different faculties.

The webpage for DISCOM project


DISCOM project survey results – TEACHERS


• Turiba University (coordinator) (Latvia)
• University of Genova (Italy)
• Mykolas Romeris University (Lithuania)
• University of Graz (Austria)
• Jagiellonian University (Poland)
• Netherlands Business Academy (The Netherlands)

The first project meeting just took place in Riga, Turiba University on 9.10.2019.
Duration of the project: 36 months (01.09.2019.-30.08.2022.)

The project is implemented by the support of Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership Programme. Project Number: 2019-1-LV01-KA203-060423.