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International mediation project

Netherlands Business Academy is coordinating partner for the Erasmus + project: training and society transformation. This project, abbreviated ‘Mediats’, is co-funded by the European Union

Mediation register

Eleven leading universities from 7 different countries work together in this project. The aim of Mediats is to stimulate mediation in the countries of Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Mediation is being further developed within these countries whereby a mediation register will be set up per country. In addition, an international mediation course at Master level is being worked out jointly.

In addition to the Netherlands Business Academy, universities from Latvia and Spain are also involved in Europe. Each institute contributes its own experience and knowledge in order to jointly take mediation to a higher level.

Mediation network

Participating universities in Eastern Europe are leading universities that already cooperate internationally in various fields. Mediation is not new in these countries, but it can be further professionalized and benefit from the wealth of experience from other project partners.

Netherlands Business Academy is leading in this process. Not only do we offer a master mediation, we also have a large network within the international mediation world.

Partner universities:

• KROK University – Kiev (Ukrain)
• National University Yuriy Fedkovych – Chernivtsi (Ukrain)
• Kharkiv National University – Karkiv (Ukrain)
• Ganja State university – Ganja (Azerbaijan)
• Khazar University – Baku (Azerbaijan)
• Ilia State University – Tblisi (Georgia)
• Rustaveli State University – Batumi (Georgia)
• Universitaria San antonio – Murcia (Spain)
• Biznesa Augstskola Turiba – Riga (Latvia)
• Nachhaltigkeitsberatung UG – Berlin (Germany)
• Netherlands Business Academy – Breda (Netherlands)

The project can also be found on the EU website or visit the project website.