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Master and Bachelor education at City Campus Dordrecht

Dordrecht is often rightly seen as the city “where it all started” in the Netherlands. A city with a long list of historic events that often acquired a wider, national significance over the course of history. In 1253 the “Latijnse School” was founded in Dordrecht, the first of it’s kind in Holland. The successor, the Johan de Witt Gymnasium, is therefore the oldest grammar school in the Netherlands. NLBA has decided to add to this rich history of education. In 2020 it was finally achieved: Master and Bachelor education at City Campus Dordrecht!

City Campus Dordrecht

With City Campus Dordrecht, the educational institute Netherlands Business Academy (NLBA, Our University of Applied Sciences) offers a broad spectrum of higher education. The programs are focused on personal attention and tailored content for the students. Together with renowned partners such as the University of Bologna, the oldest University in Europe, NLBA offers international programs while remaining a personal and accessible organization.

Academic program

City Campus Dordrecht will offer a number of NVAO accredited Masters, as well as an accredited Bachelor Business Administration in preparation for the Masters. In addition to these courses, NLBA also offers various master classes, as well as Summer courses and 6-month MBA and 6-month Bachelor courses. City Campus Dordrecht will focus on international and national students with programs such as the Master Mediation that is currently being developed.


The international character of City Campus Dordrecht is characterised by the extensive collaboration with partner universities through which international students spend the last academic year in Dordrecht. A perfect example of this international collaboration is the Erasmus + project, in which NLBA develops the ultimate Master Culture, Heritage & Citizenship in collaboration with 4 top universities in Europe, with partners such as the University of Bologna, the oldest University in Europe.


City Campus Dordrecht includes all of the historic city center of Dordrecht. Dordrecht is easely accessible by train and only 10-15 minutes from the heart of Rotterdam. The main building of the city campus is the beautiful monumental building “Wereldwaag”. The building dates from 1750, it’s foundations date as far back as the Middle Ages. Since then, several influential people from Dordrecht have owned the house. In 1826 it came into the hands of a bookseller, who was the employer of Vincent van Gogh for a short while when he was staying in Dordrecht. The building also has a rich educational history. In 1918, the building was owned by the Christian Lyceum and the Rijks H.B.S. and though these schools no longer exist, the this the building has had educational destinations even afterwards. With it’s destination as the main campus building, the Wereldwaag will once again be given an educational destination with: academic education!


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