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International Mobilities

For student and staff mobilities Netherlands Business Academy has partnerships with several universities in different countries. Participants are supported with EU funding KA107 or KA171.

The KA107 and 171 programmes are supporting mobilities for training and teaching of staff and for study and internship for students.

Mobility full of mediation

March 2023 was full of mediation. During one week students and staff from several Ukraine universities had a learning week in the Netherlands. They had training on their skills in mediation, their personal effectiveness, teaching skills and so much more. It was a pleasure to host this week and to organise this time out from everything that is happening in Ukraine at the moment. At the same time the news and situation is always on our minds. During the visit to the Royal Military Academy intense conversations were held and time was too short. The same for the visit to the court in Breda. A week to remember.

Staff mobility Kazakhstan

In November 2022 a group of teachers from Kazakhstan came to Netherlands Business Academy for training. We had a fruitfull week full of discussions and workshops and got to know each other so much better. The week strengthened our cooperations.

Student and staff mobility Ukraine

Students from KROK University came to the Netherlands in January 2023. They are here for studies and internships. The start of the mobility was a week full of trainings on personality analysis, management control, communication and a workshop on writing research proposals.

During the orientation week the students were accompanied by two staff members. The representatives of Higher Educational Institutions discussed the implementation of the Double Degree program, did the monitoring of the Erasmus+ KA107 project results and worked on the future application for the Erasmus+ KA171 project. It was and always is a pleasure to host a week with participants from our partner KROK University.