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NVAO Accreditation

Netherlands Business Academy is accredited by the NVAO. The NVAO Accreditation is the hallmark of the Dutch-Flemish Accreditation Organization (NVAO).

The bachelor-master structure (bama) was introduced in 2002 to allow better comparisons between higher education programs in Europe. At the same time, an accreditation system has been introduced to test and guarantee the quality of higher education. NVAO works under the supervision of the National Education Inspectorate.

Quality requirements

An NVAO accreditation shows that a study program or an institution meets predetermined quality requirements as laid down in the accreditation or assessment framework. This framework is in line with the Dutch or Flemish National Higher Education Qualification Framework and the European Standards and Guidelines as they are set for accreditation in a European context. NVAO decides on the basis of an advisory report from an independent committee of experts (visitation panel) that has assessed the study program or institution concerned through peer review on the basis of the NVAO assessment framework.

NVAO Accredited programs Netherlands Business Academy

In the Netherlands, we offer the following programs accredited by NVAO:
Bachelor Business Administration (BBA)
Master Finance & Control (MFC/MSc)
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

In addition to these accredited programs NLBA offers a large number of post-graduate and short master programs which are directly based on accredited programs and therefore guarantee the same education level.