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Perspectives on leadership by rector Jan van Zwieten

Our rector Jan van Zwieten wrote a series of articles on leadership. Each of the articles addresses a different angle. The first two articles ‘Talent management and the 4 axes of human potential’ and ‘Roles of leadership’ looked at personal leadership and the role of leadership in relation to the other managerial or organizational roles. In the third part he plays with the perspective on leadership seen from the different types of leaders; what are the characteristics and where are the differences?

The last article was published in may 2020 and we will take a closer look at the different trends that have developed over the years. This is often determined in situ. So just like the roles of leadership, we also see here that there are developments in society that require a different way to stimulate and inspire people. In many cases, these currents are emphatically present in a certain period and much is published about them. However, the moment there are new developments, they old ones do not disappear, we see these currents permanently, so that there are more and more different currents.


You can download the articles from this series here:

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  • Part 1:     Talent management – the 4 axes of human potential
  • Part 2:    Roles of leadership
  • Part 3:    Levels of leadership
  • Part 4:    Movements in leadership


About the author

About the author

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