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Mini MFC (mini Master Finance & Control)

Ideal for those who doesn’t want, or cannot, follow a complete Master’s program and who want to develop themselves efficiently and effectively in a short period of time. The part-time Mini MFC is the way to broaden and improve knowledge for Finance and control at management level! For our fulltime Mini MFC in 3-5 weeks please visit our City Campus website were all our fulltime international activities take place.


Start March / October Selfstudy 4 hours per week
Place Dordrecht Investment € 3.885,-
Duration 1/2 jaar
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Why this program?

Many financials are specialists who have worked their way up in practice and have progressed to the management level. At this level you are expected to be able to think and talk at an academic level. This means that issues are looked at more integrally. But also that the parent questions are always looked at. As a result, no practical partial actions are sought, but structural overall solutions. A financial often has a huge advantage here. You come from a discipline that is essential in decision-making and that others know little about. You must then understand the general business operations and be able to convey your viewpoints well.

The Mini MFC training will help you take these steps. It has the following advantages:

  • Existing concepts, models and new developments in business administration and finance are handled and discussed in one day;
  • The Mini MFC offers a broad basic knowledge of all modules from the fully accredited master’s degree Finance & Control in only six months;
  • This program is suitable if you are considering taking the full master’s program as well as for the professional looking for a foundation without deepening a full master’s degree;
  • For those parts where there is specific interest, you can still participate in the more extensive masterclass of the subject in question;
  • A good pit stop with colleagues from the field to discuss developments.

Practical program

The Mini MFC consists of 11 days focused on a specific theme, including a 3-day kick-off. Here we will get started with discovering your personal motives and leadership style. This is the start of the training. We offer a mix of finance-related courses and business administration courses that complete your master’s degree.

During the teaching days and inspirational lectures, the developments in your practice are discussed. In any case, attention is paid to the subjects that are related to the modules, but there is a lot of room for subjects contributed by the participants.

Program overview

Below you can see an overview of the structure of the short MFC program. For more information you can consult the brochure.

• Kick Off (3 dagen)
• Management Accounting
• Administrative Information provision & Administrative organisation
• External reporting
• Corporate Finance
• Strategic Management
• Marketing
• Change management
• Leadership


In order to follow the Mini MFC, you have at least a business economics higher professional / university degree and three years of relevant work experience. Admission via a personal intake is also possible if you can demonstrate that you function at least at higher vocational education level on the basis of vocational education and at least three years of professional experience.

You discuss your personal work situation and wishes in a one-on-one meeting with a training expert. On the basis of this, you will receive study advice and you can be admitted to the study program.


After successfully completing this program, you will receive the Postgraduate Business Administration Certificate.


Netherlands Business Academy is a recognized institute for Higher Education that offers various accredited Master’s programs.

Duration & Study load

The Mini MFC consists of the three-day kick-off and 8 training days, a total of 11 lecture days. Outside of lecture hours, you should count on a study load of an average of four hours per week. The total duration of the training is approximately ½ years.


The Mini MFC takes place in Dordrecht.


Educational costs: €3.885,-. The prices are excl. literature, accommodation costs and VAT.
For a detailed cost overview, please contact Netherlands Business Academy.

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