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Our professionals

Prof. Jan van Zwieten RA, RI, RO Rector
Nicole Veraart Manager Educational Office
Susan Pelkmans Commercial Manager
Yvette Livius MBA, MPM Manager operations
dr. Maurice E.M. Schols Teacher of methodology and member of the thesis committee
Frans Jacobs AA, RC Chairman of the thesis committee
Prof. mr. Nico Roos Dean
mr. drs. Michel Verhoeven Program coordinator
Drs. Casper van der Woude Chairman examination committee
drs. Gerrit Huijs RC, MA, RA Teacher
mr. Christiaan Steenbergen Teacher Ethics
Feike Witlam MSc, MBA Teacher Ethics
drs. Gijs Hiltermann Teacher Finance
Ir. Ing. Cor Frijters MA Teacher Mediation
Ton Boeijen Study path counselor
mr. Mayke Smit Teacher
Ernst Gleijm MSc. Teacher Marketing
Mevr. mr. S. Jethu Program coördinator MENA region
Dr. David Dai Vice rector Asia
Nicolae Stanciu Vice rector International business development