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MBA for school leaders


In the dynamic present many school leaders feel the need for a suitable compass for the future. This Master in Business Administration, focusing on school leaders, meets this need.

The (part-time) Master develops your leadership qualities to inspire professionals in giving excellent education. This leaderschip contributes to the 21th century society by building a new school culture in which children learn to take responsibility for themselves and others. Excelleration and solidarity must go hand in hand; both are needed in this age of acceleration.

    There are two main topics:

  • Educational themes of learning in our fast changing society and the role of schools.
  • Business wise organization of schools which makes learning possible for professionals and children.
The MBA consists of the following modules: Self-management, Leadership & Coaching and three content blocks. The blocks can also be attended separately. The program includes:
Self-management, Leaderschip & Coaching
• Self-management, Leadership & Coaching and Written communication
• Methods & Techniques of research

Block 1: Strategy & Policy
• Sales & Account management
• Strategy & Policy

Block 2: Internal Control
• Finance & Management Control
• Operations Management & Quality
• Human Resource Management
• Project Management
• Information Management

Block 3: Leadership & Coaching
• Leadership
• Change Management
• Ethics

Integration colleges
• Days specifically on school leadership

• Methods & Techniques of research

Earlier training and experience
To register for the MBA for school leaders you need to have at least a bachelor or university degree and three years of relevant professional experience. Admission may also be possible after you have successfully taken an oral test proving you can act at least on a bachelor level with subject-based education and at least five years of professional experience at bachelor level.

In a personal consultation with an educational expert you will be able to discuss your professional situation and goals. Based on this interview a study advice will be given and you may be admitted to the program.

All blocks are completed with an examination and / or writing a paper. In some cases, you are expected to also present the papers. This will be prepared in seperate lectures.

Title / diploma
On successful completion of the Masterprogramme you will receive the NVAO accredited degree Master of Business Administration and the title MBA.

The Master of Business Administration is NVAO accredited.

Duration and student workload
Total duration of the MBA for school leaders is 2,5 years, 40 days. In addition to the college hours, a study load of on average ten hours a week must be expected.

The MBA for school leaders can be attended in Utrecht, Amsterdam en Breda (subject to sufficient participation).

Lecture days
Monday afternoon and Monday evening. Consultation meetings will take place in the morning. Together with your fellow participants you will work on cases and assignments, prepare presentations and comment on each other’s work.


Self-management, Leadership & Coaching € 1.045,-
Written communication and Methodology: € 785,-
Module 1: Strategy & Policy: € 4.235,-
Module 2: Internal Control: € 7.700,-
Module 3: Leadership & Coaching: € 4.235,-
Integration lessons: € 2.075,-
Thesis: € 4.125,-

Total: € 24.200,-

These prices do not include literature, accommodation costs and VAT.
Please contact The Netherlands Business Academy for a detailed list of costs. It is possible to pay the costs of the Masterprogram in instalments.

In brief

start March 6, 2019
place Utrecht, A’dam, Breda
duration 2,5 years
selfstudy 10 hours per week
investment€ 24.200,-
International accreditation

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