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Flexible post-graduate programme Strategic Leadership & Change

In the part-time Post-bachelor Strategic Leadership & Change, conceptual leadership, history and developments form important starting points for further personal development. The starting point of this program is the course “Leadership strategies” where the (strategic) goals of an organisation are discussed. To reaching those goals requires internal agreement, as well as overcoming internat resistances to change; Change management. Social change is the basis on which you apply the provided concepts in your own practice. Diffreent types of “leadership” are required too during the different phases: Before, during and after the changes made. The additional course “Management Control and Information Systems” allows those in charge of an organisation to steer this process based on key information. Being in control, they will be able to control the realisation of the goals set.

The post-graduate programme covers all first-year courses of the accredited MBA programme. It allows Strategic Leadership and Change-graduates to start the second year of the MBA.

Start multiple starting moments Selfstudy 10 hours per week
Place Utrecht, Dordrecht, Breda Investment € 14.439,84
Duration 1 year, 23 days

About the study program

This programme covers the principles of leadership, leadership strategies, vision formation, development of management skills and implementing leadership philosophies.

The full two-year master course Finance and Control or MBA might not be the right step for you (at this moment). However, there always are Masterclasses that spark your interest. NLBA hopes to facilitate this with the different post-graduate programmes and clustered masterclasses. You can contact us for more tailor-made programmes.

The post-graduate programme Strategic Leadership and Change covers the first year of the MBA, making it an ideal intermediate step for those considering the Master’s programme.

Good leaders renew and change; tackle the status quo. They inspire colleagues to have a clear and shared vision, enable others to act, set a good example and take the organization in tow. It is important to first get to know yourself, then scan your environment and then make the optimal choice for putting the team together. You do not renew and change on your own.

In this post-Bachelor Leadership & Change, commonly used assessment tools are used such as MBTI, DISC and the Caluwé. These are combined with the more scientifically accepted methodologies and concepts such as WAVE and the Big Five. Attention is also paid to Leadership concepts such as Situational Leadership and Covey.

Topics during the post-Bachelor:

  • Principles of Leadership;
  • Leadership strategies;
  • Vision formation, think big and international;
  • Develop management skills;
  • Implement Leadership philosophy.

The Program

  • Change management
  • Written communication
  • Leadership module
  • Strategy & Policy module

Your background

You have already completed a bachelor education when you start this program. You also have at least 3 years of relevant work experience in finance. This post-Bachelor makes it possible to realize your ambitions to take the next step in your career or is a stepping stone to our complete Master Business Administration


The educational costs of this program are €14.439,84. VAT, literature and subsistence costs not included.

NVAO Accreditation

The masterclasses are NVAO-accredited.

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  • Personal attention and customization
  • Dutch language academic education
  • Practical approach
  • Large network of alumni
  • International cooperation
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