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MBA program for Luxury Brand Management

The MBA course in Luxury Brand Management focuses on the intersection of brand experience (branding) and leadership. The curriculum is in line with recognized courses in this area such as the Master in Luxury Brand Management of Milan (MIP) and Reims (RMS). The “southern” luxury experience is combined with the “sober Northern European” management focus.

Start October/March Selfstudy 10 hours per week
Place Arnhem, Utrecht Investering € 25,625
Duration 2,5 years

About the program

The MBA Luxury Brand Management course has been set up for companies that consist of the exclusivity of their brand and products. Students are leaders / decision makers in the luxury goods sector who believe in a business-like approach, and who want to gain additional knowledge in a number of business-related fields.

Companies in the luxury and premium products market are primarily concerned with quality and the transfer of experience. It is of the utmost importance that employees are fully aware of this. The company / brand must be under their skin. This is even more true for managers: they have to propagate branding internally and externally.

A clear direction, but also room for specialists and creative minds. Because they provide quality incentives and innovation. How do you organize that space to be used profitably, so that it benefits the results?

Block 1: Internal Control

Although the core of the manager’s position consists of the traditional functions of operational management and the accompanying support functions, this market segment requires a specific approach. From the indicated philosophy, we also look at themes such as:

  • How do I increase the return and value growth of my brand
  • How do I organize my organization so that all instruments represent, experience and monitor the perception of the brand
  • Management and control of the essences of the brand

Specific topics:

  • Finance Accounting & corporate finance
  • Economy of status goods
  • Managing value creation
  • Operations Management Real estate
  • Production & collection
  • Supply chain & purchasing
  • Quality Sustainability development & luxury
  • Integrated Quality Management
  • Human Resources Management – Organization & HRM
  • Talent management
  • Management Information Systems Information management
  • ICT & ERP systems

Block 2: Strategy & Policy

In this block the organization is considered in the context of the market and other stakeholders. In addition to general theoretical concepts in the field, the main focus is on questions that directly relate to the aforementioned themes. Focused on companies that focus on their identity and brand experience.  The exchange between the participants of the various companies is of great added value (Heineken meets Louis Vuitton). The theoretical themes focus on questions such as:

  • Understand (intellectually) and feel (emotionally) how brand building works
  • How do I bring brand experience to life with my customers, how do I monitor that (not just communication & promotion)
  • What are the right markets?
  • How to protect my brand
  • Culture and cultural differences

Specific topics:

  • Strategy & policy General Management
  • Overview of luxury markets
  • Channel management
  • Origin & characteristics
  • Marketing & sales Luxury brand & brand management
  • Consumer in global markets
  • Territorial market & marketing
  • Hospitality management
  • Retail & sales
  • Customer relationship
  • Communication Communication & promotion
  • Law Brand protection
  • Intellectual property & patent management

Block 3: Leadership & Change

It is precisely in leadership that the manager propagates the philosophy of the organization and the brand. There is a difference here in corporate leadership (both inside and out), and personal leadership (direct management of employees). There must be no difference in the experience. What is being conveyed to the outside must be felt from within and confessed. We also look at:

  • Am I a carrier of the DNA of the brand in my behavior as a leader?
  • How do I bring brand experience to life among my employees (internal branding)?
  • How do I cherish the essence of my brand and create a constant source of creativity in my organization so that I remain distinctive in the long term?

Specific topics:

  • Leadership Personal leadership & personality analysis
  • Corporate leadership
  • Change management Principles of change management
  • Change & brand protection
  • Change & communication
  • Communication Internal & external communication in change
  • Ethiek Ethical codes & values


  • Colleges specifiek gericht op Luxury Brand Management.


Onderdeel specifieke onderwerpen

  • Methoden & Technieken van onderzoek
  • Methodology in writing
  • Thesis


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