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The Master program for (future) mediators.

As a mediator you help people resolve disagreements. You make sure that both parties are well informed and are aware of the consequences of their choices. You learn how to apply interventions that are focused on process management without substantive advice. Indispensable is the ability to reflect on your own background and personal experiences. The Master of Mediation is a study program that, overall, far exceeds the acquisition of skills.

Start October/March Selfstudy 10 hours a week
Place Dordrecht, Utrecht, Breda Investment € 24.655,-
Duration 2.5 years; 43 contactdays
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About the course

Why a Master?
Want to learn more than just mediation skills? The Master Mediation is a program that links up with the ever-increasing professionalization and legal embedding that mediators receive. With a broad, business-related knowledge of various fields, a professional mediator can be widely employed.

Theoretical basis
The Master Mediation offers an integral approach to theory and practice: theoretical framework is linked to practice. Through the introduction of a system approach in mediation (people in conflict are considered in relation to their environment), the role of the mediator in this Master is sharply shaped.

Program of the Master Mediation:

• Basic Mediation Training

Kick Off
• Self-management, Leadership & amp; Coaching
• Written communication
• Methods & Research Techniques

Theoretical support
• System approach in mediation
• Social Psychology
• Personality analysis
• Coaching

Practice line

Styles and specialization
• Multimethodic mediates
• Multicultural mediation

Choose from:
– Work mediator
– Family mediator

• Return days
• Methods & Research Techniques


To follow the Master Mediation, you must have at least a bachelor diploma and three years of relevant work experience. You discuss your personal (work) situation and wishes during an intake interview. Based on this you will receive a study advice and you can be admitted to the study program.

Do you not exactly meet the admission requirements? If you can demonstrate to have at least five years of relevant professional experience at a higher professional education level and that you have gained substantive knowledge through training or courses, adminission may be possible. This is tested during an intake interview.

Title / diploma

On successful completion of the Masterprogramme you will receive the Master Mediation and the title MME.

Duration and studyload

The Master Mediation consists of approximately 43 contact days. Outside of class hours, the study load will be an average of ten hours per week. The full course takes 2,5 years to complete.


The Master of Science in Finance & Control can be attended in Dordrecht, Utrecht and Breda (subject to sufficient participation per location).

Lecture days

The lectures are scheduled on Monday afternoon and Monday evening. Consultation meetings will take place in the morning before the lectures. During these meetings all participants will work on cases and assignments, prepare presentations and give feedback on each other’s work. This is all done with the guidance of lecturers and NLBA employees.


The total training costs are € 24.655. This does not include literature, location and accommodation costs and VAT.

The costs for the Pre-Master are not included here. These are billed separately. Exemption is possible if you have already followed the basic training. Contact us for a detailed cost overview.

Without the Master degree in Mediation, I would never have dared to start full-time for myself. I was relatively new to the field and as a result I gained the confidence to be able to do this. You will not become a mediator in 10 days, I am convinced of that. Hence the choice for this Master’s degree. 

Mary Klem

Currently, the NLBA programs are only offered in Dutch. For information regarding an English trajectory, contact us at

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