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An executive MBA program in short

Ideal if you do not want or cannot follow a complete Masters course and you want to develop yourself quickly, (cost) efficiently and effectively and you want to broaden or update your knowledge.

Start September/February Selfstudy 4 hours per week
Place Utrecht, A'dam, Breda Investment € 3,885
Duration 1/2 year
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Why follow the MBA in short?

Because of their knowledge and experience some managers do not need to follow a master’s degree in depth. That is why this specific executive shortened MBA course has been set up.

This has the following advantages:
• Existing concepts, models and new developments in business administration fields are repeated and discussed in one day;
• The executives gain insight into the themes that their talents are working on in their training. This allows them to better guide them and implement changes in the organization;
• In those areas where there is specific interest, you can still participate in the more extensive master class of the subject in question;
• A good pit stop with colleagues from the field to review developments.

Practically oriented

The executive shortened MBA training consists of 8 days focused on a specific theme. There is also a start and a closing meeting. In both cases in the form of a 24-hour session, 1:00 pm to 1:00 pm start the following day with a free evening session for informal discussions.

During the training the developments in your practice will be discussed. Attention is paid to the subjects as indicated in the overview of the MBA in the schedule of the full MBA / Masterclasses, but there is a lot of room for topics brought in by the participants.


Overview of the Executive MBA in short program:

• Kick Off (24-hour session)
• Strategic management
• Marketing & Sales
• Finance
• Human Resource Management
• Operational & quality Management
• ICT & Information Management
• Change Management
• Leadership
• Final meeting (24-uur sessie)


To follow the MBA in short, you must have at least a bachelor diploma and three years of relevant work experience. You discuss your personal (work) situation and wishes during an intake interview. Based on this you will receive a study advice and you can be admitted to the study program.

Do you not exactly meet the admission requirements? If you can demonstrate to have at least five years of relevant professional experience at a higher professional education level and that you have gained substantive knowledge through training or courses, admission may be possible. This is tested during an intake interview.

Duration and study load

The Executive short MBA consists of two 24-hour sessions and 8 training days. Outside of class hours, you must count on a study load of an average of four hours per week. The total duration of the training is ½ year.

Lecture days

Monday afternoon and Monday evening. Consultation meetings will take place in the morning. Together with your fellow participants you will work on cases and assignments, prepare presentations and comment on each other’s work.


The executive MBA can be attended in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Breda (subject to sufficient participation per location).


Literature is in Dutch and English. All lectures are given in Dutch.


On successful completion of the MBA in short, you will receive the Certificate Post Academic Business Administration.


The total training costs are € 3,885. This does not include literature, location and accommodation costs and VAT. Contact us for a detailed cost overview.

The Master helped me further on my way to look more at tactical / strategic level instead of operational. The master’s degree and in particular the coherence of components in the preparation of the thesis taught me to distinguish main issues from side issues This helps to come up with good advice that can help a company or part thereof.

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