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3 days of self-management, personal leadership and coaching in the Belgian Ardennes

A unique training Personal Leadership and Self-Management at Evolution Logique in Houffalize in the Belgian Ardennes. Without exception, participants will talk about this program with inspiration and energy.

This program is offered as a start to our Masters courses, but can now also be followed as a separate course. It brings insight, reflection and has already started a serious development for many people. A unique opportunity to experience these special days!

About the study program

This training focuses on the basis of the four axes IQ-EQ-PhQ-SQ. Know yourself emotionally, mentally and physically and know what drives you. It is only when this is properly realized that it is possible to look at others and influence others (regardless of whether this is coaching, management or everyone else’s 1 on 1 contact).

Are you aware of your own motives, your own motivators, your own strengths and weaknesses, your own character, your way of communicating, and the way you come across? Conversely, insight into the three axes also provides an understanding of others and an increase in one’s own empathic capacity.

Emotional Quotient
Many people perform particularly well in the field of knowledge and skills (Intelligence Quotient – IQ). What is often missing is knowledge of the emotional aspects (Emotional Quotient – EQ) and the energy (Physical Quotient – PhQ). But even if there is a reasonable balance between the three axes, the drive to take action is often still missing. This is determined by the 4th axis; the sense, the ” meaning ” (Sense Quotient – SQ).

Personal development

It is of the utmost importance to have insight into yourself in order to recognize your own pitfalls. The participants mainly learn that personal development from the age of six is ​​essential. All events and influences from outside that relate to this also play a role. As with the systemic approach, participants are asked to identify stakeholders who have played a role and have played a role in their development. Participants are expected to use these insights to analyze mutual relationships and their influences. These insights are further elaborated in the Leadership module into (personal) leadership.


Day 1
• Mentally Fit and outdoor exercises
• Introduction concept of the three axes
• Development of the Physiological axis with scientific background
• Theoretical backgrounds DISC with practical application
Day 2
• Further expansion of DISC with emphasis on conflicts and allergies
• Practical exercises on these themes
• Practice with different behavioral styles
• Situational Leadership Theory (SL2)
• Practical application SL2
Day 3
• What does MBTI (personality triangle) measure?
• Determining the basic profile in three steps
• Temperaments of Kersey and Bates
• Dominance and growth model
• Communication styles
• MBTI and stress

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