Post-graduate programs

Our post-graduate programs are part of our Master, but can also be followed as an independent program. You will receive a diploma after finishing a post-bachelor or academic program. A Master’s degree can be achieved if you follow an extra two master classes and succesfully finish your thesis.

Academic course Financial Controller

The academic course Financial Controller is designed for managers with a previous education in finance and economics who want to grow into a policy-making position in this field. The objective of this training is twofold. On the one hand, you are expected to be a full-fledged sparring partner for managers at policy level… Read more >>

Post-graduate Controller

De Post-graduate Controller means to deepen knowledge as well as skills in the fields of Business Economics and Management which are increasingly important for many organizations. Following this program gives you the opportunity to broaden your career prospects or change…  Read more >>

Academic course Sales Controller

The academic course Sales Controller is focused on the profile of the General Controller, specializing in processes in the field of Marketing and Sales. This program looks at the responsibilities of the controller as a supplier of management information and guardian of the results…Read more >>

Academic course Leadership & Change

In the Academic course Leadership & Change starting points for further personal development are conceptual leadership, history and developments. Social change is the basis on which you apply the presented concepts in your own practice. Good leaders refresh and change; they address the status quo... Read more >>